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School Vision and Mission

School Vision and Mission
  Our school motto is “Sincerity and Integrity” which reflects our dedication to honesty, equality and justice in our students’ development. Our school is particularly concerned with students’ having good conduct and helping them pursue knowledge with a sense of an integration of both oriental and western cultures.
  In order to improve our students’ soul, character and knowledge with moral education and the value of life, we are enthusiastic in promoting three virtues: leading students to have a prosperous life, understanding and preparing a devoted attitude towards society. Furthermore, in a bid to eradicate poverty caused by a lack of knowledge, money and integrity, we help students develop the attitude of life-long learning.
  Our school lays stress on student centred strategies and a focus on learning. With an exhilarating school life, we develop students’ creativity, self-potential and daily progress by enhancing learning so that they can grow into prosperous and well-rounded individuals who make a contribution to Hong Kong, China and mankind.
  Let us help your children to establish the pillar for a better future of the community and let us have a school with a harmonious and loving learning environment for your children.