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  • Form One Admission Jul 14 2021


  • F2-F5 Transfer Jul 16 2021


School Lives and News

  • 20/9/2021 : 30 students were awarded the Popular Readin... Sep 20 2021

    One of our school’s major concerns is to promote reading and to encourage good reading habits. 30 students participated in the 2122 Popular Reading Award Scheme and were awarded the Purple Badge of Honour. Congratulations to all award winners! 3A TSE TSZ YEUNG 3A ZHU JIALE 3A LEE CHEUK SUM 3A YIM KA WA 3B YEUNG KWAN KIT 4A ASASENI CHUI PIK 4A TAM WING SUM 4A YANG CHUN MING 4A LIN WEIHAO 4A YEUNG YAT 4B SIN LOK MAN 4B KAM KWOK YIN 4B FOK HIU KWAN EUNICE 4C TSUI WAI HANG 5A YAU KA KI 5A NG TAI HEI 5A LIN HUNG SZE CECI 5A NG LAP HIM 5A WAN TSUN KIT 5A WONG SIK YU NELSON 5A FUNG YEE SUM 5B NG SHING CHIT 5B CHUI SHING HEI 5B KWOK TSUN YIN CARLOS 5D WONG KA LOK 6A LEE PO LING 6A LIAO WAN SHAN 6A LI TIN HO

  • 17/9/2021:PTA Teacher Appreciation Day and Mid-Autumn Riddle Guessing ... Sep 17 2021

    Our PTA consultant, Ms. Suen, delivered a heartwarming speech on the annual Teacher Appreciation Day. On behalf of the PTA, Ms. Suen showed her appreciation to all teachers for their guidance and love for the students. All PTA members helped to distribute fruits and gifts to show their appreciation and to give more encouragement to teachers. The Chinese Department organized a ‘Mid-Autumn Lantern Riddle’ guessing game on the same day. Many students and parents participated in the activity, and some of them won a lot of prizes. It was a fun and meaningful day for all of us!

  • 10 September 2021 Good Book Sharing Session : A Newly Released Chines... Sep 10 2021

    Lee Cheuk Sam from class 3A and Tam Wing Sum from class 4A attended the good book sharing session of a newly released Chinese book. Our alumni, social worker Mr. Ng Yu Fung has invited representatives from the Hong Kong Anti-cancer Society to hold a good book sharing and life education session at our school. During the session, both of the students shared their thoughts and ideas on helping cancer patients with the representatives from HKAS and the education psychologist. They also encouraged others to be concerned about and take care of the cancer patients.

  • 8 September 2021 First Class Management Day Sep 10 2021

    A meaningful film, ‘My Voice, My Life’ directed by Ruby Yang was enjoyed by all students and teachers on that day. The film tells the poignant stories of a group of under-privileged Hong Kong youngsters who underwent six months of vigorous trainings to produce a musical on stage. Through their trials and tribulations, the students challenge parents, teachers and policy makers to reflect on our way of nurturing the next generation. Students think the film is realistic and they learn how to value their life and to have a positive attitude towards life. At the end of the session, students all participated actively during the Q & A session, and they shared their reflections afterwards.

  • 2 – 9 September 2021 : Reading Carnival Sep 10 2021

    Various activities had been organized during the 2021 Reading Carnival to promote reading. Students participated actively in different game booths. We have also invited Kung Fu masters from Bao Zhi Lin to promote martial art. Apart from that, an experienced educator, Mr. Pao Kwok Hung shared his reading experience with our students. S.1 students also participated in the HyRead Book Review Competition. All students enjoyed and gained a lot during the Reading Carnival this year.